Marketing Fails Most Businesses Make


In this day and age, marketing can make or break a company. With the constantly changing marketing practices in business, it’s imperative for smart organizations to keep up with what is effective and what isn’t.

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any early-stage business. It’s entirely necessary for companies to have established budgets, realistic expectations, and a marketing plan that fits with current and future trends. Sounds impossible? It doesn’t have to be. Ensure that your business isn’t breaking any of these tried-and-true rules.

#1: Lack of emotional impact.

Your marketing must resonate with your customers in some way otherwise it’s pointless moving forward. You need to be aware of how your product or service impacts customers, utilizing that feeling and emotion. If your marketing attempts are having little to no emotional impact, it’s time to rethink your approach.

#2: Information overload.

There’s a fine line between informing your audience and bombarding them with information. There can be a tipping point where customers are overloaded with far too many details and leading them to go elsewhere. Marketing clarity is often found through rigorous editing. Less is more.

#3: Failure to leverage local.

Missing the importance of local search as part of your marketing strategy will only make life harder for yourself – especially if you’re an independent business. Large brands with multiple locations tackle small, single-location companies on the same footing in search engines. While you can improve your digital marketing campaign, it also helps to get involved in the local community. People love to buy local!

#4: Forgetting to ask customers to spread the word.

The rise of social media has made it easier than ever to inspire customers to amplify their voice. It’s in your best interest to use multiple social media platforms in tandem. Focus on publishing quality, relevant content and even host giveaways with promotional products to get customers to want to spread the word about your service.

#5: Not using embroidered items.

Need your team to look professional? An embroidered uniform is a great solution. Need promotional product? A stitched logo on a baseball cap is the perfect fit. Need embroidered products? Incredible Embroidery has that covered.

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